Dramatised intimacy is not a new phenonmenon but has always existed in dramatic writing as a natural communication between human beings. Tonia Sina wrote her thesis on choreographing intimacy in 2006. Since then numerous practitioners and scholars have investigated the field but this only gathered momentum in 2017 with #metoo and when it was widely acknowledged that actors had been left without support. The role of the intimacy coordinator in film & TV kicked off after #metoo movement when Alicia Rodis (IDC) and Amanda Blumenthal (IPA) were hired in 2017 as the first intimacy coordinators on set in the United States.

In Europe, Ita O’Brien (IOS) was the first UK hired intimacy coordinator in 2018. Pia Rickman and Malin B. Erikson trained with Ita O’Brien/ Intimacy on Set in 2019 and they are the first intimacy coordinators in their respective countries. The Riksteatern in Sweden and Helsinki Filmi in Finland were the first professional theatre and production companies to hire Malin and Pia as intimacy coordinators.

Today there are less than 100 intimacy coordinators working globally and many of them are trained by the three largest organisations; IOSIDC & IPA. We are excited to be part of a growing network of international intimacy coordinators; collaborating and continuously learning, with the aim of making the entertainment industry safer for All.