Nordic Intimacy Coordinators


We are specialised in providing exciting storytelling combined with a safe choreography for intimate content. Intimate content may include topics related to sexuality, gender, relationships and power. NIC professionals are keen storytellers of intimate moments on stage and screen while they are holding space and keeping actors safe in the process.

In addition to providing productions with intimacy coordinators, NIC consults producers and writers on the content. NIC provides consultants who have expertise in the required field to help shows to avoid presenting damaging stereotypes. Producers and writers may approach us to discuss the variety of gender identities and communities that the story is supposed to depict. Our expert consultants read scripts and provide feedback on accuracy and authenticity.

NIC also consults with television networks and production houses on how to implement the use of intimacy protocol on all of their productions and build an internal template for recognising, communicating and documenting the requirements for intimacy on stage and screen.  

photo credit: Joshua McKnight

photo credit: Milja Rossi