Nordic Intimacy Coordinators

The leading organisation for creating safe and believable intimacy in film, TV & theatre in the Nordic region

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) was established by Malin B. Erikson and Pia Rickman in November 2019 and is dedicated to changing the culture by providing a clear structure when working with intimate content in the entertainment industries.

NIC provides consultancy, choreography and coordination in the Nordic region for scenes involving or with intention of intimacy, nudity and simulated sex. In addition to this, we provide training within the industry and arts institutions. NIC advocates for the safety of both cast and crew, and aims to increase awareness for best practice with intimacy on stage and set. Our Intimacy Coordinators (IC) are qualified actor trainers and coaches with years of experience in teaching and directing of actors and performers. They have training in intimacy coordination & choreography as well as in Conflict Resolution, Sexual Harassment Awareness, Anti-Bullying and Harassment, Unconscious Bias, LGBTQ Awareness and Equality and Diversity. Our Intimacy Coordinators are qualified mental health first aiders.

photo credit: Giorgio Trovat

Good intimate scenes advance the story and reveal something new about the characters and their relationship. With actors, these scenes can be broken down to objectives, obstacles, actions and stakes like any good writing. Through breath, movement and gaze the actor captures the essence of the character both on an emotional and physical level. The authenticity of the storytelling in those specific moments, is crucial. Intimacy coordinators are there to provide tools for simulating intimacy and choreographing the scene together with the director and actors. With these means, intimacy coordinators aim to provide the cast and crew with a space where challenging content can be made safely.

By working with us on scenes of intimacy, the production understands the special needs of these scenes and aims to protect the well-being and safety of actors and crew. Our intimacy coordinators at NIC help by not only making intimate scenes safe, but by telling the intended story, making it look more real and also making sure that the production is accurately portraying the intended groups or communities represented on stage and screen.