About the company

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) was established in 2019 by intimacy coordinators and acting coaches Malin B. Erikson (Sweden) and Pia Rickman (Finland). Their aim was and continues to be to revolutionise the way intimacy is created and consumed within our culture and Nordic societies through film, TV and live performance industries. By implementing a comprehensive workflow for designing and managing intimate content from pre- through to post-production, Nordic Intimacy Coordinators is here to help productions to achieve the elating content creatives are aiming for, in a respectful and inclusive environment that makes the work socially and psychologically sustainable for all. 

Acknowledging the dynamically evolving nature of this field, Nordic Intimacy Coordinators is fully dedicated to advancing skills through continuous professional development and community knowledge exchange with a global network of intimacy coordinators.

Our purpose

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators is dedicated to creating and maintaining industry-leading standards for safety and creative storytelling when working with intimate content.

Our workshops, lectures and seminars are tailor-made to producers, directors, actors, other creatives and crew.

Our IC Training Program is delivered through both online and in-person training, catering to individuals with prior training and work experience in the film/TV or live performance industries.