Nordic Intimacy Coordinators

Guidelines for Intimate Scenes

In October 2020 Finland became the first Nordic country to establish intimacy guidelines for work in the film & TV industries 

The guidelines have been published by the Finnish Film Foundation and aim to standardise the process of working with intimate scenes. The foundation recommends the use of a qualified intimacy coordinator in intimate scenes including nudity, simulated sex and sexual violence. 

The guidelines have been translated into English, Finnish and Swedish. Please click below to open the printable guidelines in your preferred language. 

Working with an Intimacy Coordinator

Working with an Intimacy Coordinator was published  by Suomen elokuvasäätiö – Finnish Film Foundation, Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI and Actors Equity (Suomen Näyttelijäliitto) in August 2021. The document is intended to be read in conjunction with Guidelines for doing intimate scenes in camera work.