Join our team!

Are you an intimacy coordinator in a Nordic Country? Then we want to hear from you! Intimacy coordination is a growing field in the TV, film and live performance industries and we are looking to expand our network.

Criteria, training, knowledge and understanding

To join our team you must fullfil the following:

You must have

  • At least 3 professional credits working as the primary (or only) Intimacy Coordinator in either film & television or live performance

You must demonstrate that you have undertaken the following training: 

  • Previous qualification in movement, directing and/or acting or equivalent
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Consent
  • Anti-Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying
  • LGBTQIA+ Awareness
  • Diversity and Equality Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution/problem solving

You must have additional knowledge and understanding of: 

  • Movement and Choreography
  • Use of modesty garments and barriers
  • Use of intimacy protocols
  • Understanding of either On-Set or Stage etiquette, as appropriate

The first step is to send us your request using the contact form. We will respond shortly after which you will be asked to submit the following:

  • A CV and a cover letter
  • Training certificates and diplomas
  • A minimum of two references from the Producer/ Director/ 1st AD/ Actor from two different CV credits
  • Police background check
*NIC retains the right to reject applicants at their discretion