About the company

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) was established in 2019 by intimacy coordinators and acting coaches Pia Rickman (Finland) and Malin B. Erikson (Sweden). Their aim is to revolutionize the culture within the TV, film, and live performance industries by implementing a comprehensive framework for managing intimate content. Acknowledging the dynamic nature of this field, we remain dedicated to advancing our skills through continuous training and collaborative knowledge exchange with a global network of intimacy coordinators.

Our purpose

Industry Standards

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators is dedicated to maintaining industry-leading standards and evolving with the field of intimacy coordination. We have developed a comprehensive framework that includes clear workflows, meticulous documentation, and standardized protocols.

Industry Education

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators is committed to sharing industry knowledge to ensure that both local and international standards are met. Our tailored lectures, seminars, and workshops cater to the specific needs of each participant, fostering a culture of excellence and best practice within the industry.

IC Education

Nordic Intimacy Coordinators, in partnership with The Intimacy Professionals Association (IPA), offers a specialized Intimacy Coordinator Training Program accredited by SAG-AFTRA. Tailored to current industry demands, the first cohort of 12 students from the Nordic and Baltic regions graduate in spring 2024